(ENGLISH VERSION). From the swinging 60s era, also from 'Carry on' films a really beautiful girl usually with large breasts who puts out.
'Cor blimey, Judy is a really tasty bit of crumpit'. 'Can't wait to get home to get my tea and crumpit'.
'she's a nice piece of crumpit'. The sort of thing Austin Powers would say, 'I wouldn't mind getting my hands on your crumpit (girlfriend) mate!' Or 'Oi, piss off, find your own crumpit'.
by Doctor Holliday January 19, 2010
1. Crumpit means a close friend.
2. Or crumpit means a much needed or loved object.
3. A type of English pancake/muffin.
1. "What's up Crumpit! or John is my Crumpit. "
2. *My trombone is my Crumpit.*
3. *definition kind of explains itself doesn't it? An English muffin is a crumpit? *come on :)
by Poppit_19 February 17, 2008
A crumpit is someone who is a total batty. Thinks they have friends but he doesn't. Its someone who thinks they are gangsta and has had on overdose on gangsta cookies.
Master mister is a great example

M:i aint even joking, prick
Cool guy: u r such a crumpit, ease up on the gangsta cookies
m:im gangsta man, dnt tlk 2 me
cool guy: dnt try acting gangsta when u aint
by Faizal June 28, 2005
N. Durring sex, a hott french woman will scream this word, to signify she is plessured.
"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crumpits!!!!!, thats the baget"
by R2S+D2 September 8, 2007
A word for and to be used by white(pronounced Hwite) people.
Our version of fo shizzel. It evolved from our ancestors common noontime snack of tea and crumpets
"Crump out"!.
"I'm crumpin".

"did you see john sing karaoke"? "he really crumped out"!

Crumpits!!! "A hole in one"!
by -Mr. NIck M- August 29, 2007
When a friend or family member refuses you access to crumpits.
When you or any other person burns a Crumpit.
When you or any other person uses to little butter on crumpits.
"Where's the butter on this pal? Crumpit abuse that!"
by BroYoHo! October 11, 2017