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A person usually a brother who takes it upon himself to brush crumbs off his younger brother's lap after his lil bro has finished eating and dropping crumbs from a cake or biscuit onto his lap. Mis-understood as an attempt to stroke his bro's Johnson/meat trucheon/pork sword he is labelled a homo from this point on despite his innocence and will be constantly reminded by the nicknames 'the crumbler' , 'Johnny Crumbs' , 'crumbleton' and 'crumblestiltskin'.
Big Bro (To little bro) : You messy little Jazza you have crumbs on ur lap (proceeds to brush them off)

Lil Bro: Errrr you homo stop trying to stroke my snake - shouts: 'mum he's trying to rape me...get away from me you crumbler'
by blx February 18, 2010
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