One person is sleeping face up. Another person pulls their pants down and bend down so your ass is close to face. Then punch them in the stomache and they will eat your ass/gooche.
gooche crumbler, do ittttt
by duhlinky April 19, 2010
When your fucking her doggy and crumbling lays potato chips on her back in anticipation of her father walking in to see.
Laura's dad was about to walk in the room so I gave her the salty crumbler..
by Black dot April 14, 2017
an oreo crumbler is when you shit in a girls mouth and then jizz in her mouth
dude i gave your mom a huge oreo crumbler last night
by franco69 December 28, 2010
when you cum inside an apple and you give it to your girlfreinds mom and watch her eat it
this bitch was givin me lip so i gave her the apple crumbler
by spencer s August 8, 2006
When a dude can't get up.
Dom was trying to bang this chick last night but couldn't get it up again . Chick called him the crumbler when she left.
by Sincitydrummer June 30, 2022
Another unique phrase to describe someone's massive, gross, hairy ass feet that are so powerful they crumble concrete.
Joe: *takes off sock*

by honeycloudss June 30, 2022
Little kids / babies: Children, in general.
Referring to her grandchildren, Gramma affectionately asked her son, "where are your little cookie crumblers?"
by MzGypsy September 30, 2011