Delicious snack manufactured by Little Debbie.
"Shoot nigga, I'm hungry."

"Have a crumb cake."

by recember October 7, 2006
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When you cum on a girls ass, throw cinnamon on it, let it dry, and then eat it off.
Nothing is better after sex than a cinnamon crumb cake.
by NiggaTritt October 23, 2015
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When crumbs of poo escape the anal hole kinda like dingle berries but more tough
dude i need to go wipe i can feel the anal crumb cake in my butt cheeks
by Pattzo February 9, 2010
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The type of bitch that that's not only crumby but crumbles to the floor when out of line.
Listen here you crumb cake bitch get the fuck outta my walls
by SlinkyDickTheOriginalSimp July 11, 2022
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