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Jamaican word for Someone who is Worthless, Has no potential, priority or goal in life..
yuh need fi go a school and stop gwaan like a CRUFF
by BG DESIGNS January 12, 2011
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Jamaican word for a certain lower class section of the poulation. Usually associated with hats, sticks and sunglasses. Can sometimes be seen with trouser leg tucked into a sock. Generally frowned upon by the majority of the population.
"Dat bwoy is jus' one ol' dutty cruff!"
by Declan McKinney May 27, 2008
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A Jamaican derogatory term (Patois) used to describe someone that is lower-class in society or has no ambition or outcome in life. It is essentially describing someone that will end up no where.
Look pan dat cruff deh a walk dung di road!
You a cruff enuh!
Move from me you cruff!
You live a cruffish lifestyle!
by GodsOFWrath June 17, 2018
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a noun used to describe itching of the ball sac, chaod, asshole region, Usually associated with perspiration, often is paired together with swamp ass.
I have been working all day in the heat and now I have cruff so bad I think I may have crabs.
by Gregulator July 30, 2005
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A person that does foolish and funny things but really has potential,loyalty, intellect and kindness,who sticks to their friend no matter what ups and downs they go through
Look DDADZ is over ,they're the most famous group of cruffs.
by Justpostingameaning March 25, 2017
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