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The act of helping your neighbor tug on a large, exposed root in his yard. It usually involves the use of a crowbar to lessen the strain that can occur when helping your neighbor tug on his root.
My neighbor asked me to get a crowbar and come over and help tug on his big root that he keeps telling me about. I said ‘hell yeah, motherfucker! I love crowbarring!’
by Atomic Peanut August 20, 2018
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is when one homo-sexual slaps another homo-sexual with his errect penis across the face on a busy dance floor.
Dave screamed in pain whilst Tom slapped his face with his errect penis while other dancers stood in a circle and laughed..crowbarring

OMG Rhys got crow barred last night, it was so funny
by Steve crowbarring yates October 11, 2011
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