Skater/Snowboarder who qualifies for halfpipe in both olympics and X Games. He does summer and winter X games when it comes to skating and snowboarding, and he won first play @ the olympics in Torino for mens halfpipe. He's a killer skater and super hot. Best looking red head to live. Rocks at skating, but make sure you appreciate him for more than his looks. Very down to earth. Coming out with is very own video game soon. See: The White Album.
I got the Shaun White album for my birthday and i can't stop watching it.
by KayKay723 March 24, 2006
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One of the hottest red heads, excellent snow boarder and alright skate boarder.
Did you catch Shaun White on the X Games?
by MaryOfNazareth September 4, 2004
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An uberhot professional snowboarder with flaming red hair and hella medals.
Shaun White rocks my socks.

Anyone who can pull a 1080 like that must be good in bed.
by Alli June 10, 2004
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The biggest sell out to ever strap onto a snowboard. Although very skilled, gave up a sponsership with Volcom clothing in order to start a line of clothing with the store Target.
Shaun White aint got shit on Eddie Wall
by randombraaa February 21, 2009
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Walk up to someone - "This kid said Shaun White"
Other Person - "Ohh hell naa whats up mang?"
by Jamondo Rudolf January 9, 2010
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