7 definitions by Mr.Sacman

What most, if not all, jocks will doing to the benefit of society when they leave high school.

Paper or plastic?

Bagging groceries. The only use for a jock besides hard physical labor.
by Mr.Sacman May 19, 2009
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Insanely cool yet destructive form of ionizing radiation.

Knocks the electrons right outta your atoms. And yeah, that's bad. Plays a key part in science fiction having to do with mutation attained by exposure to gamma radiation.

However, know that all it does is kill you. So don't go to Chernobyl expecting to turn into the Hulk.
Gamma rays are pretty awesome.

Like I said though, don't get the wrong idea.
by Mr.Sacman May 21, 2009
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Non-existent, yet worshiped as some kind of god by the strange subspecies of humans we have come to known as "fangirls".

Human: He doesn't even exist.


Human: Keep dreaming, fangirl. We will never understand you and your people.
by Mr.Sacman May 02, 2009
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What an inmate in prison should do when and if they drop the soap in the shower.

If you bend over, you're practically asking for it. So be smart.

John crouched down to pick up soap he dropped one time, and none of the inmates could get their sorry VD infested penises in John's anus.
by Mr.Sacman June 06, 2009
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An invisible pain in your groin that you get when you find out someone you are attracted to is seeing another person.
She told me she had a boyfriend, and I felt like she had just kicked me in the groin and crushed my testicles.

by Mr.Sacman March 21, 2009
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A great song by the Whitest Kids U' Know singing about how hard, how weird, and what you must never do with a boner, including, but not limited to: Trimming the hedges (with the hedge trimmer pointed down).
Beginning of The Boner Song (I won't ruin it for you. Look it up on YouTube)

Click, click, click...

It's hard to go work with a, BONER.
It's hard to drive a car with a, BONER.
It's hard to mow the lawn with a, BONER.
It's hard to go to sleep with a, BONER.

Now go watch the rest of the video. Seriously.
by Mr.Sacman March 16, 2009
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The sheer magnitude of "Txt tlk"'s stupidity is enough for me to not try to replicate any of the disgusting language.

Yes, I just described the language as disgusting.
by Mr.Sacman May 21, 2009
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