v. to put little effort into manufacturing an expensive item.
The indifferent artist really crosshaired that poster: took him ten minutes on photoshop and he sold them for $50 each!
by gillyfish October 22, 2010
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a person who tries to defend a shooter (in basketball) that is onfire but fails to stop him. No matter what defense the person does, the shooter just keeps making baskets.
Bruce defended Steve very tightly however Steve was on a roll that Bruce was just a crosshair for that game.
by elbi April 15, 2008
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Two rabbits crossed one over the top of the other.
The secret region of lost pirates - the gay region, where they have a pink flag with two white crosshairs and a white skull.
by Dave October 14, 2003
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(adj.) About to be removed from play. Killed.
Gumx0r: "n00b345 is in the crosshairs."
n00b345 has been killed
by Gumba Gumba August 4, 2004
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An ass that creates a crosshair pattern (scope on a gun) when the legs are firmly pressed together either standing up or laying on stomach.
It's rare to find a girl with big natural boobies and a crosshair booty!
by Texas2Fists June 13, 2014
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When you spawn in the crosshairs of somebody. See also Pre-Set Spawning
Are you fucking kidding?! That was total crosshair spawning!
by Handleishandleable April 15, 2018
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