Most seggsy slavic mf who rethorically dominates goons. Known for being Seggsbomb and having a lot of kids on discord.

He likes to use rethoric more than rhetoric.
You are Cross. Yep I am seggsiest Slavic mf.

I wish I was Cross. wishing for a high tier rethoric and seggsy appearance
via giphy
by WhatYouLookingAtFam March 04, 2021
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Short for across. I noticed in america people sometimes leave the a out in speech language
Where is the nearest Hooters?

It's just 'cross this road then to the left
by Snagarikonkari June 06, 2021
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A term meaning a person who is perfect in all ways possible.
"Kyle is so cross, he's everything i've ever wanted."
by Josslyn March 29, 2020
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Cross means when you fight someone and there eyes cross.
Say woahdae...Rm you cheated me out my oz, square up, Iā€™m boutta cross yo shit.
by December 19, 2020
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