ykw- you know what
used while texting

if you actually say this out loud i hope you get made fun of.
Me: ugh ykw nvm then
Friend: what does ykw mean
Me: it means you know what you dumbass
by maddieisahoe666 November 22, 2019
Example: omg derrick ykw said they they liked me.
Derrick: shoot ur shot bitchhh.
by n.certii November 10, 2021
An acronym for "You Know What" aka the best comeback to use that completely throws the other person off.
Person 1: You're wrong. If a tree falls and nobody's there to hear it, then it does make a sound.

Person 2: ykw
Person 1: What?
Person 2: Exactly.
by you know what? bye April 20, 2011
A Short Hand for the Once Popular Francise, Yo-kai Watch
Dude 1:Hey have you played YKW 4 Yet
Dude 2:Nah, I'm still trying to 100% YKW 3
by HeartyAlexander February 6, 2022
an abbreviation from

'You know what'
To indicate that an information is about to be shared
guy 1: YKW bro we're done here.
guy 2: ykw lol idc.
by ngapapakok November 27, 2018
An acronym for "You Know What". For the people who are too lazy to type the simple 'you know what'.
Person 1: "Ashley said that you smell like crap"
Person 2: "YKW, I don't care..."
by jerseyshorefan(: September 3, 2010
Abbreviation for "You Know Who" when you want to talk smack about a boss over your work email.
YKW is pissing me off today. YKW is like a dragon slayer. I hate YKW.
by sallypally June 9, 2009