Typically, a grandmother figure from the southern United States, with a 'southern twang' accent. Crockers usually smoke cigarettes, but aren't proud of it, and also love their grandchildren but are extremely disciplinary and attempt to make lectures on waiting for sex until marriage, and to love God. Crockers favorite resturants can be something to the extent of an all-you-can-eat cafeteria, or for fancy nights, the Cracker Barrel. Their favorite gas station is Hess. Most crockers watch soap operas, Walker Texas Ranger, or Touched By an Angel.
Watch out for that crocker, she can be a real bitch.
by spoonboy August 07, 2005
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("see-rockur")also pronounced ("see-rocka")
Someone who mentally still lives in the 1980's-early 1990's era of large hair,Wild parties, past Drinking and drugging,womanizing, Harleys, fast cars, ocassional problems with the law and absolutely no plans to change it.
It can be a good thing and also very bad.

Derived from "cock-rocker"

invented in 1992.

"Quit actin like a C-Rockerdude" Noun.
"Man that party was C-Rock as hell!" ADJ.
"We were acting like some seriousC-Rockers at the club brother!"

ex. If Poison or Motley Crue would do it, it is probably C-Rock.

by Phipps H. November 12, 2007
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a contrary action that is very housewifey and/or culinarily adventurous. typically begins to occur after hipsters start having children.
person a: "i'm going to make pesto risotto tonight for steven, i've never tried before!"
person b: "wow, that's very crocker of you..."


person a: "let's go get hammered."
person b: "i can't, i have to make white chocolate brownies for maggie's bake sale at school tomorrow."
person a: "don't be so fucking crocker, jen."

when your girlfriend tries to bake you a birthday cake but fails miserably
when your friend can't make the bar tonight because he promised to babysit his nieces
when your sister surprises you with a deformed scrapbook
by flexus June 07, 2007
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A middle school in Hillsborough, California where blond girls tend to be loose, stoners tend to be thought of as "cool", and the people who don't wrap themselves in riches, don't make fun of others, and don't have petty personalities feel alienated. The asian to white ratio is 50:50.
Guy one: Yeah I went to Crocker. Some people think it was the best experience ever, but I tend to disagree. It wasn't the real world and wasn't me.
Guy two: Are you kidding? I had amazing keg parties every weekend at my parents mansion while they were off in Bali!
Guy One: You are a joke.
Guy two: Man I loved getting smashed in 6th grade, how cool am I?!
by Will the ninja pirate October 29, 2006
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A large man that targets individuals that are percieved to have power and then does tremendous job of brown nosing and ass kissing.
When I saw you with the CEO of our company, I knew you were pulling a crocker.
by Michel M December 06, 2005
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