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Richest city in the SF bay area. I would say "if Palo Alto was Compton, Hillsborough would be Palo Alto," but even that doesn't stress how incredibly rich the place is. According to Wikipedia, it's the richest place in the US with at least 10000 people. The houses there are typically big enough to get lost in, literally. That's just the norm. The streets are absolutely silent. All anyone wants to do is hang in their giant mansion all day like they've been training their entire life to be shallow like that. The people there are also incredibly cold. If you get hit by a car there, you're dead. No one will help you unless you're a millionaire (most here are). In the same way that people have a skewed view of the world, that most people are their gender, even if they know mathematically it's not true, these people see most of the world as being millionaires (a title most everyone in the city has). They can't RELATE to us. Think PA is shallow? It's about 1000x worse in Hillsborough.

Here's my theory: if everyone with this mental disease that causes them only to care about money and never give them the desire to leave their house, their trophy of income, lives in the same place, they'll all be in their own separate houses as to not bother each other. If they lived in separate cities, ones where most people cared about the outside world, they would by bother by our noisy walking on the street. That's why the mentally diseased get to live in pure peace.
Guy: Some bad driver in PA got partway onto the sidewalk and hit me when I was walking downtown. My leg is broken now. About 40 people passed before someone asked if I was okay, 100 before someone helped me up.

Me: It could be much, much, much, much worse. We could be living in HILLSBOROUGH, CALIFORNIA!!!

Guy:DON'T EVEN GIVE ME THAT THOUGHT! I'M GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES! I think just the thought of that made me lose all the testosterone in my body. We can't be friends anymore if you're going to put these awful images into our heads. This must be how it felt when MK Ultra beemed disturbing thoughts into their subject's head.
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