creepy people, founded 2007, trademark owned by Creople LLC. Website www.creople.com
Creople...You fu%kin twit, you wrote a bad review of my business and you are the one that sucks, so kiss my ass!
by BackAtcha4 October 13, 2011
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Narcissistic people that refuse to sign up for social media sights/apps (for example Facebook), but log on daily from other peoples accounts, to see status updates from users. These "creople" assume everyones status updates are about them.
Those kind of creople think the world revolves around them.
by krzeudonym June 14, 2013
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A mixture of the words creepy and people. Used to describe a creepy person. Plural: creoples
There creoples outside our window...we should throw orange peels at them
by mmmtoast May 06, 2010
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