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Crellie is the common ship name for Craig Manning and Ellie Nash, on the canadian tv show Degrassi.

Craig and Ellie belong together because:
They both love music (Craig plays the guitar, Ellie the drums)
They both have/had problems with abusive parents (Craig had an abusive dad, Ellie's mom is an acholic)
They've both delt with angsty teen issues (Craig's Bi-Polar, Ellie's a cutter)
They're in the same therapy group
Ellie can form competent thought/sentences (Unlike some people *cough*Manny*cough*)
They're best friends for a reason
They have frickin' HAND SINGALS!
Weddings, Parties, Anything was the worst episode in the history of Degrassi. HE CHOSE MANNY!! It destoryed any hope of a crellie!
by degrassifan July 13, 2006
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