A teen who feel that they aren't understood.
"Wow, Tara is acting like an angsty teen in front of her friends."
by Leavethatdooropen March 06, 2016
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An angsty teen is the cringiest form of a teenager on this planet. The angsty teen is typically described as an edgy, emo, and having no respect for those around them, as well as expecting everybody around them to cater to them. The angsty teen also thinks that he/she is depressed when really, they're just angry at the people around them because they aren't getting as much attention as the popular kids. They are also, for the most part, human adolescent between the ages of twelve and twenty, and can be found at Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Twenty One Pilots concerts, as well as whining over the break up of My Chemical Romance, even though it's been several years since it happened.

If you ever come across an angsty teen, it is encouraged that you tell them to grow a spine and stop whining about shit that adults deal with on a daily basis and that the things that adults don't have to worry about, did had to worry about when they were teenagers. Seriously, grow a spine you entitled pieces of shit.
I thought Jeremy was gonna be a cool guy until he started acting like an angsty teen.
by LiftedStarfish July 16, 2017
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c!Tommy from the dsmp.
He is sad and traumatize or whatever
c!Tommy is just a angsty teen yk, that's just life
by Ooooiii_iioo August 23, 2021
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Found most commonly in in in children who’s parents just don’t understand them. They also only where black like there souls 😈. In 2018 there was study from Harvard university found that showed people with the initials of TP and have a height of 5 foot 5 or less are most commonly an Angsty Teen
Tyson is a single child who got everything but now his car is broken and he blames everyone but him self to rebel he only where black now. Now he is a Angsty Teen
by professor stinky bottom December 03, 2020
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