an old white man. Another word for cracker.
bro my granddad is a creaker
by thatoneman2321212 June 14, 2022
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A type of hardness a dick becomes when erect. Usually associated with a the noise of a hard wood bending i.e Creak
eg. Mahogany.
One might use creaker in following context:
"have you ever heard the sound of a hard dick creak?"
"oh look at the creaker he has on him!"
"Big beasty creaker of a thing!"
"we're creaking now!"
"His creaker reminded her of her house settling on a quiet evening"

This word was also used for the description of being woken up by the sound of ones 'creaker'.
by Hamish Creaker April 9, 2020
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A fart that eerily sounds like a door opening in a haunted house.
Walter just let loose a wicked creaker. I thought a ghost was gonna fly out of his ass.
by QingQannabis June 4, 2009
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More "leet" spelling for combo breaker. Used on message boards when a long line of similar posts is broken up.
Usually in all caps, and bolded.
Poster 1: lol pie
Poster 2: lol pie
Poster 1: lol pie
Poster 2: lol pie
by Yams October 22, 2006
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Bone creaker- A woman, or man, who is so skinny such that when you stick your Dick in them flaccid and listen while it gets hard, you can hear their bones creak.
Last night I fucked a bone creaker. I stuck my dock in limp and could hear the bones creak as it got hard.
by dhosebag January 13, 2023
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