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A term to discribe the breaking of a combonation of multipule posts on an internet message board, or in a chat.
Usuauly the post is just a simple bolded "C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!"
by Flame060 March 28, 2005
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A person or group of people who is "Going Against & Fuckin' Up The Odds."
Person 1: What is a Combo Breaker(s)?

Person 2: Do you remember that little dude at the party last week, who beat up that whole crew of 5 people.

Person 1: Ya

Person 2: That's a combo breaker.
by Impact Kidd Mutha Fxcka!!! January 27, 2013
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Combo Breaker: noun, while doing combos in game, Killer Instinct, break someones combo by tapping the block button.( + -- .'.' ) <-- snes crap controller tap the y button repeatedly till breaking combo succesfully.
"Man did you see that c-c-c-c- Combo Breaker Bitch!"
by Bean........ February 27, 2009
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Reversal move used in Killer Instinct (Iconic mid-90s beat 'em up videogame) to stop your opponent in mid-combo (chained attacks). This reversal is punctuated by the announcer shouting "COMBO BREAKER!"
Orchid's legendary 48-hit combo can be broken using a COMBO BREAKER!
by jaykhunter February 08, 2009
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A Combo Breaker is an instantaneous deviation from the regular pattern of vaginal intercourse to the anal route - generally done unexpectedly, and almost always to the female party's detriment.
I was pounding Jane's pussy for a few minutes, then I gave that bitch the combo breaker and stuck it in her ass.
by Charles Forester February 09, 2009
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"I decided to play Brawl at a friend's house one time after playing some melee and it was like the entire game was a giant fucking combo breaker."
by WomboCombo January 22, 2009
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Term used when Saltin someone's swag, Often to the point of swag jackin a fellow gentleman. Originally referenced in killer instinct
guy 1: dude that fool's homie is stealin those girls that fool was talkin to!

Guy 2: awww nuh uh! c-c-c-combo breaker!
by Drymann January 10, 2012
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