a nick name given to white people after they gave blacks the nick name "nigger" in relatiation.
look at thoze fake ass crakaz walking down da street.
by Ryan Rice June 29, 2006
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another name for white people from black people cause back in the day whities used to crack the whip
"look out for dat craka"
by E-Wax June 27, 2006
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The word craka is used for white people becuae the white ppl are the color of a craka as u see im black and i give nickname to craka's i usly nick name them "craka bitch"
*Me*-You whats up craka??
*White Boy*-Nigga what you say?v
*White Boy*-Yo nigga don come on my turf like that bitch
*I take out my pistol and shot his ass down for saying nigga to me*****cops show up and said to the dead craka*That's one dead craka
by Mikey1212 September 6, 2006
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White boys tryna be black.
Jive ass people.
"Man them boyz some fuckn Craka Jacks"
by kia January 2, 2005
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northside boy wit' rappin' skills!
"Good bud, craka jak, tha sack is fat!"
by northside boys October 16, 2003
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