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phrase used by chicks. statement that means. lick or suck my vagina. Often used by chicks in fights with other chicks.
Hey bitch, kiss my lips!
by Ryan Rice June 29, 2006
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noun. creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire.
you dont have to be spielburgh to write a good porn flick.
by Ryan Rice June 29, 2006
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The Pittsburgh English dialect, or "Pittsburghese," derives from influences from the Scotch-Irish, German, Central European and Eastern European immigrants. The dialect is somewhat similar in tone to other nearby regional dialects (ie, Philadelphia, Baltimore), but is noted for its somewhat staccato rhythms (a result of the Eastern European influence). The lexicon itself contains notable cognates borrowing from Croatian and other Slavic and European languages. Examples include babushka, pierogi, and halushky.
Emblematic of Pittsburghese is "yinz" as the plural of "you", with "yunz" as a variant. Locals who speak the Pittsburgh dialect are often referred to as "yinzers".

Speakers of the dialect also often compress the pronunciation of words and phrases. For example, "up there" becomes "up er." Speakers also often end a sentence with "and that", pronounced as, "n'at." For example, a local "yinzer" might say, "We went dahntahn to go get some beer n'at."
by Ryan Rice June 26, 2006
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An Abraham Lincoln is when you are having anal sex with a women, and right before you jizz, pull out your meat stick, you spit on her back. Now she thinks you are done, when she turns around jizz on her, and procede to put your pubes in her face.
by Ryan Rice June 29, 2006
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a nick name given to white people after they gave blacks the nick name "nigger" in relatiation.
look at thoze fake ass crakaz walking down da street.
by Ryan Rice June 29, 2006
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