A type of sweat that originates from the crack in your ass; often happens in the summer or intensely hot weather, especially while exercising.
Man, I got like, at least a half ounce of crack sweat to mop up before I go take a jog.
by supamonkey March 31, 2005
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(n.) The sweat that forms in the asscrack after a sustained period of strenuous physical activity, like running in the summer with three pairs of sweatpants and three layers of coats on in Taiwan. Also can be the sweat that forms in your butthole due to an intense masturbation session or from being horny for an excessive amount of time.
After playing an intense game of squash, my shorts were drenched in crack sweat. Most unpleasant.

Michelle made me so horny and hot inside that crack sweat started to form in my bunkhole.
by papermachete October 29, 2005
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The itchy, annoying, smelly, totally unnecessary sweat that builds up in your asscrack, just above your asshole (where you'd grow a tail if you had one) - usually on hot days, or after strenuous physical exercise - or all the time on fat people.
I wish they'd come up with an anti-perspirant specifically for crack sweat!
by Kalisiin February 25, 2011
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Theory identifying the cause of a consistent, vague odour of fecal matter i.e. absolute shit, in some.
The theory states: initially, said person, has failed to properly wipe their crack fully, thus leaving remnants of shit (dingleberries). With strenuous activity and/ or heat, sweat develops within the ass crack. This sweat mixes with the now encrusted and dried fecal matter, bringing it back to life, creating a noxious fume- comparable to shitting your pants.

Proposed in 2006.
Turdpreet: 'Yo, geeza, I swear i can smell shit ya' know; like full on shit!'

Shitinderpal: 'Yeh geez, me too. I smell it all the time in this lesson, it's probably (insert name here), 'cus he's so fat- he properly can't wipe his arse properly!'

Turdepreet: 'Oh yeah, that's a good point, that ties in nicely with the 'crack sweat' theorem (2006). That explains it!'

Shitinderpal: 'Oi (insert name here) you fat twat, go wipe your bumhole son, you need some bleach in there, smells like hardcore shit!'
by Anonymous Bosch March 6, 2012
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