I'm having cramps in my flitter, due to my menstrual cycle.

He's only talking to me to get some flitter.
by Katie Leigh'Ann February 11, 2009
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slang for vagina, pussy, twat, etc..
Look at the "flitter" on that critter!
by grh June 13, 2008
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Flitter: To flirt or hit on somebody via Twitter.
My friend spent the evening trying to flitter with girls on his smart phone.
by hey krankiboy July 9, 2010
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Brian got flittered when Drew gave him a hug.
by BrianJ28 May 18, 2006
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The famale part, labia majora (lips).
A) Look at the length of that flitter!

B) Spread that flitter girl!
by luknoi June 13, 2014
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He and I were flittering all day, I sooo didn't get any work done.
by jenaye_m13 October 14, 2009
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