Kid 1: what in the fuck is cpk?
Kid 2: havin fun and catchin a buzz, loc.
by Russo November 10, 2004
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Chaotic Player Kill. This is a refrence to the MUD(multi user dungeon) a text based MMO of old, in which after killing said player you are able to steal his shit.
Dont go in CPK you nub you will die and loose your shit.

I CPK'd his ass mwhaha.
by FrankyP August 31, 2006
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"COCOPLUM KILLERS." These cool cats may often be seen drivingt around in their Hummers, Porsches, Mercedes, and BMW's. They and are invited to only the coolest parties in town. They can often be found tanning in their backyards with their 50+ foot yacht sipping booty juice and keeping in communication with their friends on their hip T Mobile Sidekick's. Allowance for chores? NO WAY! Not in Cocoplum where the maids walk the dogs and wipe their asses and are gladly paid for it. Miami's own Orange Country.
Hey Paul! Whats the difference between CPK and KEY RAYS (please see Key Rays for definition)?

No, what is the difference?

CPK can leave Coral Gables!
by Ray & Steph March 20, 2005
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cardio pulmonary kissing (play on CPR, cardio pulmonary resuscitation). Heavy duty kissing.
I'm getting CPK and he's not even my boyfriend.
by lanky9 September 12, 2009
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