The other rich part of Miami, next to South Beach. Coral Gables is an awesome neighborhood south of the city, also known as "The Gables". Coral Gables is full of beautiful gated mansions, and if it's on the water there is without a doubt a yacht docked in the back. You can see pretty much any kind of car from bentleys and rolls royces to the occasional bugatti driving around. Your typical coral gables teenager will always be dressed head to toe in designer and name brand clothes, and texting on their iphone or blackberry while driving their range rover through cocoplum. The mothers shop at village at merrick park frequently and fill the trunk of their S-class or bentley continental each time. All in all Coral Gables is an amazing place to live.
Coral Gables resident: We decided to move to Coral Gables because it is much more classy and less touristy than Miami Beach.
by ;l asdfl April 9, 2011
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