Replacement for the word "boy" as used by members of the Crip gangs.
Wat up coy?
by Jamalisha January 18, 2009
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a joke referring to a scene in Spiderman: Homecoming.
"Oh my coy!"
"You are so coyin' pretty."
"What? oh, coy"
"Do you want to to the coy"
by oh my coy July 11, 2019
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(noun, verb)
1. Somebody who always screws up simple tasks; to screw up something very simple; usually due to fear.
2. Messing anything up because of fear.
1. Constantly intimidated and unable to act.
1. All that coy had to do was be a man, but now that redhead owns him.
1. He had her topless and begging, but he coyed it all up and settled for booby action.
1. Don't be so frickin' coy! Smack that chic's ass!
by thelegendruck March 11, 2008
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an abbreviation for Choke on Your Sleepingbag. Originated in Mexico, for reasons unknown. Used for the same purpose as STFU, kthxdie, or DIAF.
guest: "your room is so gross."

me: "go COYS."
by annie miller June 03, 2006
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means what ever you want it to mean. It's a verb,noun,adjective,etc.
stop being coy.where going to that coy club. i'm going to start acting coy.
by yung O December 11, 2007
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Coy is a type of person that would do anything to make His girlfriend happy giving her money is a thing a coy would do even though they are blinded buy "Love"he will spend as much as he can on her. .
Gf:Give me some money

Coy:Love you
Gf:........wheres the money?
via giphy
by K.s.e November 29, 2017
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