This word is endemic to the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary is best know to the world for when large amounts of people put on cowboy hats and pretend that they are cowboys/girls and not cowtards. The rest of the year is spent trying to ignore the fact that the city is populated by over 5000 homeless, drug addicts, gas and glue sniffers as well as home to the largest population of girly-men in North America. Large deposits of oil in the north in the 70's suddenly made countless hillbillly hot dog and beef jerky eaters into very rich people (Now Calgary is home to the largest population of hillbillies dressed in suits, ties and pink nike polo-shirts and pleated grey dockers) It is also home to a Starbucks opening ever 12.567 seconds) Only fat bald men with small penises are allowed to consume their coffees there. (Cowtown also has the worlds largest population of gold-diggers) A common greeting of a Cowtard is "Jeffrey, Margaret, are you up for some country reggae at the Smelly Turkey Pub?, "
Cowtards like to think that a city that has the most pick up trucks on the roads is synonymous with enlightened people. . Cowtard men would not get laid anywhere else in the world. . Cowtard of 03 was Hugh Grant because he likes to wear plaid a lot too. heroes in personlities such a Peter, from The Family Guy, and Rita MacNeil. Cowtards outlawed spicy foods and deli meats at all grocery stores in 1996, under the term as too ethnic and unCanadian.
"I never met a Cowtard I didn't want to punch in the face"

Bob Vila was voted best Cowtard of all time.

Hey, Dan, check out the guy in the pink pop up collar and cowboy hat, what a Cowtard.

Holy moly, the single males on this site are all gay cowboys, what a bunch of Cowtards
by Sir William Huffington McBoner September 18, 2010
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(KOW-tard) Combination of coward and tard, used as an alternative to nerd.
Bud is such a cowtard whenever someone stands up to him.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
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