A slang term named after the way in which two gun slingers stepped towards eachother in old western movies just as they were about to duel with pistols. Today it refers to the way you walk when you have to take a huge shit. Or the way you walk when you have an erection and do not want anyone to notice the buldge in your pants.
1. Bob stepped out of the saloon and cowboy walked toward Steve, the dorkiest gun in The West. His hand quivered above his six shooter and he kept his eyes focused on Steve's pimply face, waiting for the slightest sign....

2. Joe, after eating four burritos had to take a huge shit. He cowboy walked from the food court to the mens room hoping no to shit his pants.

3. The customer, aroused by Nicolette's plentiful cleavage and flirtatious attitude cowboy walked back home, he needed to be alone now.
by b-sol February 6, 2005
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The way you have to ambulate over to the next bathroom stall for toilet paper - after taking a #2, and discovering that there there is none in your stall.
After hatching a huge Brown Trout,Renee cowboy walked over to the next stall for a wipe-in order to display her creation for proper shock factor.
by mohctep October 9, 2005
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A cowboy walk is where after a woman has had sexual intercourse with a man who has a big penis and then has to leave the house, her vagina is so stretched and she is in so much pain, she walks like a cowboy
Man, I just fucked this girl so hard, when I told her to leave, she had a huge cowboy walk
by Sickoo December 27, 2010
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This style of walking which is taken on soon after ejaculation and a short journey to the bathroom to clean up is essential.

The "cowboy walk" comes from the concept of having one hand on the penis, one hand free to open the bathroom door however no hands free to hold one's jeans up, hence the legs must be spread whilst walking in order to retain the trousers from falling down to the ankles and posing a potential safety hazard; the brief mode of walking resembles that of a late 1800's American Western man wearing large, leather chaps, squaring up to his opponent at sundown for a shoot out, who will also most likely take on this particular walk.
Jim: "Eek! Look away! I need to get to the bathroom!"

Matthew: "Jim... Why are you walking like a retard?"

Jim: "Oh... Don't tell me you don't do the cowboy walk..."

Matthew: ".......What's the cowboy walk?"

Jim: "Can I explain later when I'm not covered in cum?"
by Jimmehboi August 19, 2008
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