A pistol or handgun able to fire up to six shots before needing to be reloaded.
Don't hate on the little man 'cause he's packin' a six shooter!
by Otaku Guardian February 8, 2005

1. a revolver that holds six cartriges

2. any revolver
Look out, he's got a six shooter.
by Light Joker October 2, 2005
When hold your hand like a gun with your pointer and middle finger extended outward and then finger a vagina.
Hey Tommy, did you give her the ol' six shooter?

I like to start off with six shooting.
by Zdoggerdudemandogdude July 7, 2006
An attachment to bongs that rotates six different bowls.
Dude, load the six shooter and spark it up!
by lunatik May 10, 2002
a revolver that has six chambers. Also called a six-gun.
Grab your six-shooters, boys.
by Lily Kennedy December 15, 2006
a girl that u would only have sex with after six beers
that girls a six-shooter
by tom June 14, 2003
A six shooter is a guy that "shoots" sex, someone that is ready and willing to have sex at any time. Doesn't necessarily mean that they are promiscuous, but ultimately they love to have sex. It also means that he is "packing heat" in his pants. Large penis.
A Six Shooter is ready any time and anywhere and is always packing.
by straight up cowboy. July 26, 2011