To get faded or start blazing. To smoke marijuana;;

*also means to walk or do some sort of movement.*
1)Doode;; man I ambulated before & after school.

2)I'm about to go ambulate right now w/ some beezies.

3)Ambulation time nigguuuh.!!

4)ayee lets go ambulate.

5) im about to ambulate a blunt to my mouth
by cilla is legit June 11, 2009
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A specially equipped vehicle used to transport the sick or injured.
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003
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a medically equipped vehicle intended for the use of caring for people in true emergencies, such as cardiac arrests, or stabbing/shooting victims, but recently has become a glorfied TAXI of selfish, stupid, inconsiderate, dumb ass people who take the resources away from people who really need the help.
Edward - 54 year old male from San Francisco , "OH my gosh my wife is not breathing, I need an ambulance!"

Billy - 21 year old male from East LA, "I ah...dink I need myself one of them ambulances yo.....cause like Im having troulbe breathing.....cuz ya I took too much meth man!"
by bmw4dea August 10, 2007
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Popular game used in flirtatious situations. One person, Player 1, announces to Player 2: "my hand is an ambulance, say red light when you want me to stop." Player 1 runs his/her hand slowly up Player 2's leg, starting at the knee and aiming toward the crotch. When Player 2 feels too uncomfortable for any further progress, he/she announces "stop!" Player 1 replies "ambulances don't stop at red lights" and proceeds with moving his/her hand toward Player 2's crotch.
Girl: "Hey, do you want to play ambulance?"
Boy: "Um, ok, though I'm not really sure how to play...."
Girl: "It goes like this: My hand is an ambulance, say red light when you want me to stop"
(Hand proceeds slowly up boy's leg)
Boy: (Noticeably uncomfortable) Red light! Red light!
Girl: Ambulances don't stop at red lights! (Hand proceeds up his leg)
by .T. baby January 29, 2008
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A ride to the hospital for those that do not have cars, think the will not have to wait in the hospital waiting room, and/or are too drunk to drive.
"Dude, my toe hurts and I can't drive, call me an ambulance!!"
by Commidor Ricechick November 12, 2006
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The acronym Ambulance is used when you see a man built underwater lagoon after nasty crustaceans enter.
by BilliwBobSandwhich January 14, 2023
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