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When someone asked you to explain events that happened in the past you sit them down, tell them how it all began and just as it is getting interesting say "-and that's the whole story." and pretend as if you have told them everything. It makes fun of TV shows that used this as a way to save episode time instead of repeating everything the viewers just saw.
Pioneered by the Family Guy
by b-sol February 7, 2005
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A slang term named after the way in which two gun slingers stepped towards eachother in old western movies just as they were about to duel with pistols. Today it refers to the way you walk when you have to take a huge shit. Or the way you walk when you have an erection and do not want anyone to notice the buldge in your pants.
1. Bob stepped out of the saloon and cowboy walked toward Steve, the dorkiest gun in The West. His hand quivered above his six shooter and he kept his eyes focused on Steve's pimply face, waiting for the slightest sign....

2. Joe, after eating four burritos had to take a huge shit. He cowboy walked from the food court to the mens room hoping no to shit his pants.

3. The customer, aroused by Nicolette's plentiful cleavage and flirtatious attitude cowboy walked back home, he needed to be alone now.
by b-sol February 7, 2005
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Look up the word crips then look at the first picture by Effi
Daymn, take a look at those FINE ass bithces.
by b-sol March 29, 2005
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Perfect antonym of a scene kid; One (usually a high school male but there are females and older people too) who do not conform to any particular stereotypes, popular or unpopular trends. At least not on purpose.
Misty is a scene girl; every day she spends an hour or two putting on makeup then her big black boots and other Goth apparel. She wants the outside of her body to express the rebel inside.

Joe is and Idf. When he wakes up in the morning he puts on his shoes and goes to school. He'll shower and put on a clean t-shirt and jeans if he feels like it’s worth the effort, generally it’s not.
by b-sol April 12, 2005
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