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This style of walking which is taken on soon after ejaculation and a short journey to the bathroom to clean up is essential.

The "cowboy walk" comes from the concept of having one hand on the penis, one hand free to open the bathroom door however no hands free to hold one's jeans up, hence the legs must be spread whilst walking in order to retain the trousers from falling down to the ankles and posing a potential safety hazard; the brief mode of walking resembles that of a late 1800's American Western man wearing large, leather chaps, squaring up to his opponent at sundown for a shoot out, who will also most likely take on this particular walk.
Jim: "Eek! Look away! I need to get to the bathroom!"

Matthew: "Jim... Why are you walking like a retard?"

Jim: "Oh... Don't tell me you don't do the cowboy walk..."

Matthew: ".......What's the cowboy walk?"

Jim: "Can I explain later when I'm not covered in cum?"
by Jimmehboi August 19, 2008
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