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A short barreled variant of the AK47 or AK74-developed for Soviet tank crews. Often seen displayed behind Osama Bin Laden in stock newsfilm footage,and villanized by anti-gun types!
The Russian Tankers opened up on the Afhgan rebels with their Krinkovs.
by mohctep October 9, 2005
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A bag,kit,or vest that a person carries on or near their person,in the event of a natural disaster,civil uprising,war,or any other event that dictates that you leave the area ASAP.These bags typically contain survival gear,food,water,weapons,etc.
When the riots started,I grabbed my bug out bag,and hit the road.
by mohctep August 10, 2006
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Sudden,agonizing pain caused when a man's balls get caught up and twisted in the pair of boxer shorts that he is wearing.
Everthing was OK until Jake bent over to pick something up,and got a sudden case of boxernut.
by mohctep August 10, 2011
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The way you have to ambulate over to the next bathroom stall for toilet paper - after taking a #2, and discovering that there there is none in your stall.
After hatching a huge Brown Trout,Renee cowboy walked over to the next stall for a wipe-in order to display her creation for proper shock factor.
by mohctep October 9, 2005
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To have your home be ridden over,and reduced to rubble-after being shot to pieces by cavalry troops with magnum caliber revolvers.
After killing all the men of the village,the Royal Regiment then dragooned the women and children with their fierce .44 calibers from horseback.
by mohctep November 21, 2005
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A beautiful blond haired russian female sniper-who deals long ranged death from her rifle barrel.
Colonel Fritz made the mistake of going out into the streets of Stalingrad,and was shot by the Valkrye.
by mohctep September 10, 2005
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