Cajun French term for a foolish person. Also used in Cajun English.
"Hey, couyon, quit screwing up."
by sf46 February 28, 2010
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dumbshit in mauritian language
ta gros couyon-hey big dumbshit
by arnbab January 15, 2008
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A Cajun French term used for calling fellow, foolish Cajuns a dumb-ass. Also used in Cajun English.
Mais, you a couyon Boudreaux for heatin’ dat potato salad in da microwave.
by Cash.Cajun April 18, 2021
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Dick-head-from the French word for testicle. Some one who is a real dick and a dumb-ass.
That couyon was too stupid to get out of his own way.
by BRHGM October 19, 2014
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