Louisiana character, buddies with Pierre, and object of countless Cajun jokes.
Boudreaux watched little Pierre shuffle up the path. Pierre, you don't look too happy.
I aint. I'm tired, Pierre said.
Tired? Pierre, you shouldn't be tired. you gotta start gettin some exercise boy. When I was your age, I used to swim across da bayou three times before breakfast, Beadreaux chuckled. Why you laughing? Don't you believe me boy? Beaudreaux demanded.
Yes sir, I believe you. Pierre said, but I was just wondering why you didn't swim across four times so you would be back on the side with your clothes?
by Karlton B. October 14, 2007
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A skeletal woman who talks too much.

wears too much makeup.
#1: She talks a lot
#2: Yeah, she's such a boudreaux!
by bennigum666 February 08, 2010
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A tight line of fighting dogs bred by the Boudreaux family of Brousard, Louisianna. This breed is famous for its crazy aggresion. People in the breeder's family are not allowed out of the "family buisness" and its quite sad to see childeren be forced into such an act of cruelty and crime.
gangster: Man, we gots us some Boudreaux Pitbulls for down south and I'm aksepctin' dum to be coon-ass crazy.
by TULSAlitus hater September 30, 2009
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A "Boudreaux Back Rub" is when you are standing or walking, and a chick jumps on you from behind, pulls out your cock, and starts to give you a handjob from the piggyback position. It's named after the genius who conjured this move up in an inspired dream...
Dude, I was just walking to the bar and she came out of nowhere like a ninja and gave me a Boudreaux Back Rub... it was totally tits!!!
by Rig Supporter June 04, 2011
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