Costa is the best human being ever he is funny athletic loves football and very loyal. He makes people laugh everyday and has a large collection of boulders he likes to threaten people with the boulders but often does nothing
He hates everyone with the name emilia and nizam and but loves all his friends except alex ( he shags dogs lol)
Hes so funny he must be costa
by Con7634 May 22, 2020
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Term for that toxic, controlling best friend you had in your youth

The term comes from the project x character of the same name played by Oliver Cooper
I can’t believe I was ever friends with that Costa
by OldDogg October 30, 2020
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A female or male who can ease ones mind. A free spirited soul, usually naturally enthusiastic. A beautiful place you wish to be in the form of a human.
She’s a costa girl
by Jessica algee July 7, 2018
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Asks out everyone and he is a boy with bad reflexes and shit at video games and is shocking at having his banana buzz.
Bad disease called ask out every girl in town.
no i will not go out with you Costa
by vfvrefbjefocuwr March 22, 2019
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A costa is an insecure yute that picks on people to make himself feel better than himself. He never brightens the mood and he is very boring to talk to. He likes to talk shit about everyone and spill tea. He also enjoys time-to-bike and time-to-run. In his spare time he chills on his bed and picks his belly button crust that makes his fingers smell like cheese
Omg COSTA is online. Quick lets leave the party before he joins
by dontforgettimetobikelikecost August 10, 2020
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omg he's soo hot and i want to have him as he's sexy ass. when I walk passed him my heart drops and my mind floats to another planet called love island. Hes short and charming and his voice is the hottest thing ever.
omg costa<<<< shes waiting for youuuuu come for her...................
by meefee June 18, 2019
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