You might know it as the popular song by One Direction but it is a real syndrome.
Stockholm syndrome is a syndrome that is gained during being kidnapped. You begin to gain positive feelings for that person usually of the opposite sex. The main reason for obtaining Stockholm Syndrome is the kidnapper telling the captor that they will no kill them or if they feed them on a regular basis.

The captor begins to feel grateful and think of them as a good person or even start to gain feelings for their kidnapper not wanting to be rescued.

When they are rescued they talk about their captor as good or even loving person.
Belle from 'Beauty and The Beast' is said to have Stockholm Syndrome.

person 1, "Look at that girl on the TV, she just got rescued from that awful man."
person 2, "Whats's she saying?"
person 1, "That he was a great person. But he kidnapped her!"
by Daisy Tomlinson January 15, 2017
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When a person has been in IKEA so long the items there actually start to look good.
Dude, I think you have Stockholm Syndrome. You've been staring at that Fillsta for an hour.
by Henry Spencer September 24, 2010
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Stockholm syndrome is when you are kidnapped and are able to befriend/fall in love with your kidnapper.

Why are you even looking this up?
"I fell in love with a guy who kidnapped me because I have Stockholm Syndrome."
by MusicLovingRaccoon January 3, 2019
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When someone who is trapped in a bad or toxic relationship but instead of getting out of it they become more attached and fall in love with the toxic individual.
Dylan has caused Matthew a lot of pain and suffering, yet Matthew still goes back to him like a loyal lap dog in any situation. Leaving both to get No Bitches but each other. This means Matthew has Stockholm Syndrome.
by Gummy_Bear Enthusiast April 4, 2023
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When the vast majority of the items in a home are furnished by Ikea.
Joanie's sofa is a Kivik, her shelf is an Expedit, her coffee table is a Lack, her dinner table is a Jokkmokk, her cabinet is a Hemnes, and her bed is a Fjell. This apartment's got a full on case of Stockholm Syndrome.
by playyourpart June 3, 2013
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Stockholm Syndrome: What it is SAID you have, when you feel compasion for your captors, and the people who are making their lives miserable and are perhaps trying to kill them, don't like it.
"that man must have Stockholm Syndrome, he's standing in the way of the human rights protestor, that I want to beat with my truncheon"
by barticusthe5th December 1, 2009
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Stockholm Sydrome is best song ever. Many songs are named Stockholm Syndrome but this one is by Muse, the best band in the world. This song was given #1 on a list of the best guitar rifts ever, so yes it is awesome. If you havent heard it or Muse, for that matter, listen to it right now (do you know how to use a P2P file sharing system?).
Person 1: Have you heard Stockholm Syndrome by Muse off of their album Absolution?

Person 2: Yeah!! Whenever I hear Matt sing "I wish I could," I feel like I'm in heaven
by dwit August 4, 2006
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