most amazing person you will ever meet.. he’s kind, funny, trusting, caring, sweet and so perfect! he never fails to make someone smile and his hugs are the best thing ever! he’s very loving and makes you feel very loved.. in one word, he’s just perfect
oh.. hes just such a corto
by 9soyayeet August 9, 2019
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If you ever wondered who has the smallest tits its him :^)
by Bigballspaul February 3, 2018
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Litterally meaning "short little-arm". Italian expression meaning a greedy, penny-pinching person. Someone who doesn't offer anything to anyone or tries to spend as little as possible.
That guy has to get the next round but he just slipped away" - "ah, he's a braccino corto...
by Adrasta December 30, 2011
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everytime saif uppal talks to a girl, they cut their hair and look like a dude because saif likes dudes (like a lot)
hey taylor! hey evelyn! i love your new hair cut! pelo corto omg so hot
by saifuppaldestroyer December 23, 2022
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