Being put to extreme shame. When proven wrong, tricked, insulted, or embarrassed. Often times used with the phrase, "Your booty exploded". Also, it's said with a rhythm, as though it were a song.
Guy 1: Dude, did you just get yelled at by that old lady?
Guy 2: Yeah, she started hitting me with her purse, it hurt.
Guy 1: Hahaha. "Moded and corroded, your booty exploded!"
by M1lk_M4n October 4, 2009
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Similar to the Rusty Trombone, but this not-so-distant cousin adds the glory of unwiped "mouthpiece" to the equation.
She thought she was just playing the ol' rusty trombone, but due to Keith's lack of hygiene, it ended up being a corroded flugelhorn.
by Dick Sniff Biff April 4, 2008
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Recieving a Handjob with a wet piece of sandpaper while under the influence of drugs or alcohol .If you notice what is happening and you are in pain, you know you've had a Corroded Johnson
man, i went to my friends house for a sleepover and his mom gave me a Corroded Johnson..Thrice!
by Nick. Hienz April 30, 2005
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1. Another over-long way of saying "drunk."
2. The term for when the baseball team you dislike has a man on each base (or "bases loaded.") Popular in the late sixties/early seventies in northern New Jersey; may have been used in other areas.
1. benny-"man, did you see that douchebag at the club last night? falling down drunk again! that boy was sure loaded."
denny-"yeah, and he got that way on zima!! that means he was loaded and corroded.!!"

2. When the Atlanta Braves or New York Yankees have a runner at each base, you can honestly say the bases are loaded and corroded.
by earpuller October 21, 2007
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When she played back the tape of their conversation, he was moded and corroded.
by dalepbb June 12, 2007
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(n). Any older model of Toyota, specifically a 2003 Toyota Corolla, whose undercarriage and frame forms big pockets of rust and can be peeled off with one's finger after many years. The rust is so prevalent and brittle, it comes off in like potato chips.
for years, I drove a Toyota Corroded. While it got 40 miles to the gallon on gas, the frame started to fall apart. The rust came off in potato chip-like flakes, due to rust on the undercarriage. At 250,000 miles, it became a rust bucket.
by boggler January 28, 2019
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