when u own someone real good
Person 1: I just lost 40-0 in that tennis match
Person 2: you got corned
by MrGamer22 August 7, 2018
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getting fucked up from beer or other such substances that shorten one's life...short for "cornholed."
Mike: "you gonna git corned tonite?"
Dynamic Duo in unison: "no, i mean yeah."
by cheezdribble December 1, 2006
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When a you suck dick and graze you teeth along the shaft causing friction on the skin like removing corn off the cob.
Him: fuck bro she corned me last night

Friend: damn son! hope junior is all G!
by Jaelizzzlemahnizzle February 6, 2016
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Bullets or ammunition. Commonly used by London gangs.
"load the .44 and crash corn like confetti"
by Sher Khan March 16, 2018
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From the earth I rise, and to the earth I one day will return.

What's up mothershuckers

My name is Colonel Cornelius Cornwall, and I'm here to introduce you to corn

Corn is a north American cereal plant that yields large kernels on a cob. It is also called Maze because it is easy to get lost in its incredible fLaVoUr.

Side effects of corn may include choking, I guess.

Come down today, and try some corn. Or we will sacrifice your newborn.

Corn is tasty.
Side effects of corn may include choking, I guess.
by snow_jaguar April 13, 2019
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Derived from Cornelius in the book of Acts in the Bible who was centurio, head of a Roman army unit of a hundred men. Cornelis is a leader, strong, brave, straightforward and doesn’t turn around the bush. Cornelis is a man of honor and principles. He is also hot and much desired by the most beautiful women.
by astra2017 August 18, 2017
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The male name Corne is a derivative from the name Cornelius \c(o)-rne-lius,cor-nelius\ and is pronounced kor-NAY.

It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Cornelius is "skilled in the use of his sexual horn".

Corne's and Cornelius's have been known throughout the ages as skilled lovers as well as expert swordsman. Both skills having been scientifically proven to be associated with people bearing the name.

Example such as Giacomo Girolamo Cornelius Casanova, or Casanova, and Cornelius Zoro known as 'Zoro'.

The name Corne has since become synonymous with masculinity and the possession of an enormous penis.
What a 'Cornelian' man that is!
by papaMidnight January 11, 2011
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