A tall cereal plant, cultivated in many varieties, having a jointed, solid stem and bearing the grain, seeds, or kernels on large ears - usually eaten by lolcats.
"Nom nom nom nom....I has a corm! Nom nom nom...."
by Pie87 September 2, 2007
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A corm, or bulbotuber, is an underground part of some plants used to store starches to survive winter or other severe conditions. They resemble bulbs, but corms are actually composed of plant stem material and are solid when cut in half. Taro corms are a part of the Taro plant frequently eaten.

Corm may also be a typo of corn, frequently seen in a screencap or demotivational posters featuring Yuzuyu from Aishiteruze Baby, evidently eating corn.
1. Taro corms for sale!

2. I like corm.
by Brakeline April 13, 2011
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Typo on 'corn' that sounds funny.
I has a corm. :D

CORM! I like it.
by Leth August 9, 2007
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a garlic sauce in which is placed on a penis during intercourse which then hardens and burns the penis; used in sexual intercourse to increase the pleasure for the male.
"hold on im gonna corm up my weiner"
by Applesauce John May 19, 2008
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Something that has a temperature that does not feel cool or warm, but feels in between. In other words a temperature that might be warmer than cool but under room temerature witch can be warm.
The water in the pool feels corm. The soda pop is corm.
by Patrick Riley July 2, 2005
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A term used to describe the orgasm achieved from fucking oneself anally with a husked cob of corn.
I'm corming from fucking myself with this cob of corn.

I'm going to corm!

I cormed after fucking myself with this corn on the cob
by Yestera April 15, 2022
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A cosmic power only used by Corm himself
Corm protecter of the Cormonian race uses Corm.
by King Corm May 16, 2020
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