To have a snog and act like a total slut
I copped off with 10 blokes last night
by Tracey September 13, 2003
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American slang for stealing or pocketing an item, often of dubious or minor value. Archaic , dates from the 1950s-1960s, especially popular on the West Coast in those days.

May have been replaced by "rip off" in the late 1960s, which became a much more broad term and eventually a noun as well as a verb.
"I'm not putting my beer down. One of these biker dudes might cop off with it."

"Where's my hat?"
"That chick you were talking to earlier. I think she copped off with it."
by malbuff March 12, 2020
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English term for kissing someone on a night out ..snogging, making out etc
"I went out last night"

"nice, did you cop off"

"Yea, but only once ..snogged him all night virtually though lol, he was a good kisser!"
by AliKnowsBest May 19, 2013
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Is when you are out somewhere and you kiss someone..

Oh My God... I copped off with fred last night!
by KLB August 22, 2006
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