cop - v. - refers to petty theft (or theft of something readily available) in a thug manner
My pen ran out of ink during the math assessment, so I copped one from the basket.
by anonymous February 25, 2004
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one who gets little to no respect from teens. What the teens don't understand is that if you don't get high, and don't go 50 mph on a public road, then the cops won't f*ck with u. people conform to the rules, and you'll get along just fine.
too many examples to name.. go to any high school and see how teens treat even the security officers ( lovingly called rent-a-cops)
by ALeN BaLeN April 28, 2003
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Relativly pointless.
Guy 1: OH MY GOD!!!!! The cops are on or tails! RUN!
Guy 2: Cops? Aren't they the guys who sit on their asses all day eating donuts and sucking dick?
by matthias azamer February 05, 2007
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v. to take/get/steal

Meika: "You're gonna give me an attitude now?"

Chemistry Teacher: "YOU'RE GONNA COP AN ATTITUDE WITH ME?!?!?"
by Meikaaa May 02, 2007
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a type of police officer who uses minors with nice cars as a scapegoat for their sexual perfomance problems and one who takes our marijuana and charges us with intent to sell
That cop pulled me over in my porsche, searched my car and took my pot....fucking cunt.
by sarah April 23, 2003
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