1.)an accruate term used to describe african-americans that are stuck in the 18th century and call cacusian people 'cracker' or 'cracka'
2.) nigger
by Lauren Fagenbaum March 18, 2005
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It used to mean the same thing as nigger, but now blacks use it against other blacks who think differently from the norm. For example: If you dare talk about how black on black crime is negatively affecting our communities, you'll likely be called a coon.
Omar: "Black lives only matter when a white cop takes it!"
Ali: "Stop coonin!"
by Hidden in shdows December 14, 2015
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This word is often used as a racist term, but it does lave a legitimate meaning.
An animal. See raccoon
by TeamGoon October 11, 2005
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A term that originated as a general slur, applied to all African Americans,
but now, due to an aggressive internet revolution originating in the mid 2000 teens,
has come to be synonymous with "Uncle Tom," "sellout," and other such brandings.

Uncle Tom sellout cornball brother
First Guy: "That Tommy Sotomayor certainly finds any excuse to insult and berate African American women." Doesn't that coon realize that his own mama is a black woman?!?"
Second Guy: "He doesn't care. Coons have no self respect, nor any respect for their people."
by Carsonisking February 27, 2017
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A racist term used to derogatorily describe 'niggers'.
Tell them coons to stop playin' their god damn coon toons. Niggers!
by anonymasss October 18, 2009
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not at all an offensive term for black people
it means a cool person
who is hip and ridiculously fly
and also is totally racially acceptable and also technologically savvy
hey coon you ROCK and you are soooo acceptable of different races!!
by coonmeister January 04, 2008
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