great nickname. it ROCKS! its so funny and sweet.
cool girl funny that rocks tons of fun great santoria not at all offensive to black people funny nickname
were nice...we promise!
not about black people AT ALL.
offensive to black people? NO!
offensief aan zwarte mensen? Nr!
offensive pour noircir des personnes ? NON !
Offensive, zum der Leute zu schwärzen? NEIN!
¿ofensiva para ennegrecer a gente? ¡cNo!

laura come over here!
what do you want?
coon you look cool in that dress...laura u shoudl wear that ALL DA TIME.
thanks coon. your cool. *blushes*
(they kiss)
by NCS Girl Who Rocks October 12, 2007
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the meaning of ass or anus in muslim language
you have a very nice coon.
by stafa June 23, 2007
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Coon, insulting name for a nigger.
"Look Jed there goes a coon"

"don't be racist Billy Bob... that be a nigger not a coon!"
by WinkyWooWoo June 30, 2009
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Euphemism for the word nigger. Used by people who are afraid to say "nigger" (i.e., white people).
whats appening coon?
by asian1 September 07, 2006
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coon is a confused nigga or a nigga who disagrees with something
u a coon for saying T.I is the king of the south
by rawattack September 27, 2007
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Short for Raccoon

1) A non conformist African American, that doesn't subscribe to the rap culture mentality. Focused more on their goals rather then the social and cultural expectations within their race. Especially if those goals include white society.

2) A person who is able to spot valuable objects, others are unable to see. Typically a term used to describe a scrapper.

3) Racist term to describe an African American

4) The trademark of a cheddar cheese produced by Warrnambool Cheese and Butter company in Australia.
1) Morgan is a coon! He thinks we are all Americans, so there should not be a black history month.

2) I'm a lucky coon, I just found a gold ring in the parking lot.

3) Those coons are taking over our neighborhood.

4) You can't use the word coon, it has a trademark.
by BBJSiS November 05, 2016
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