the heaven of games to play at skool coolmath
yo nigga lets go on coolmath
alright bet

two dumb Floridian kids
by sdvbxfhmgj,hk. May 1, 2018
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The only website to hold us over.
Kid:"Hey have you played Tyrone's unblocked games?"
Me:"Nah Adobe Flash is canceled."
Kid:"guess we have to go back to coolmath"
R.I.P Adobe Flash Player
by Lil Lil Lil lil April 23, 2021
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Coolmath was a website that helped teach kids math. Of course, no one used it for that, and now kids only play the games not involving math on there. All kids most likely played on the school's computers or something. Eventually, people realize that the games suck and they are clearly running out of ideas.
Joey: Coolmath sucks all they have is shitty games
Matt: True
by A_single_bean June 5, 2019
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Cool math games is a way to not learn in school. Cool math games was poggers in like 2015-2018.
Kid1: Hey guess what.

Kid2: What?

Kid1: Instead of doing math today we played Coolmath games!

Kid2: Lucky!!
by yuasgifqbeurfb3uwibfr2 February 9, 2021
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