A popular search term by students who instead of studying play games on school computers.
"Yo bro, you know any good unblocked games websites"
"eh, I use spgames"
by Private5646 January 15, 2019
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Games that are not blocked at school
Person 1: reccomend any unblocked games sites?
Person 2: I like MK Games.
by Lelboy529 November 24, 2019
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Unblocked Games For School is defined as game sites for faggots whose school has decided to ban their favorite video games (mainly porn games like Leisure Street Larry and Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties). So as an act of rebellion they create google sites with shitty water down flash versions of their games and use hacks to bypass the storage limit.
My friend was depressed about the video game ban so he used Unblocked Games For School.
by ThyTrueWhorelord November 19, 2018
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a website for faging normies who cant play their favorite fortnite ripoff at school. Then they go and play some shitty ripoff minecraft battle royale garbage to prove their masculinity. This type of webstie is mostly visited on school chromebooks with all of the keys missing.
Guy 1: I'm gonna play fortnite at school.
Guy 2: It blocked :(
Guy 3: hey guys, go to unblocked games for who gives a shit.
Guy 1: fuck off steve you have ligma.

Unblocked games for school means a very bad website.
by Nate higgers420666 69 96 May 10, 2019
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The website that kids use when their catholic school doesn't like games because they aint Jesus enough!! But will still let you on urban dictionary and "cunt".

an escape form the realities of being in year 12's with the mass amount of SACs and Exams around the corner.
Ashleigh: I just wanna play uno
Nicole: Go on Unblocked games for school.
Ashleigh: I cant the school FUCKING BLOCKED IT
by mangNOOOOO August 30, 2019
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