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An exclamatory remark, consisting of a combination of the phrase 'stop that', with an added sound of 'ch'. Used with the same intent as that of 'stop that', to explain to someone to stop doing whatever they may be doing which is usually causing uneccessary conflict.

*Pronunciation: 'Shhh-top'
Chris was irritating me so i said 'schtop that!'
by Charlotteyaaaaa January 27, 2009
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An insulting phrase used with the intention of displeasing the recipient, or as a way of expressing disbelief. Usually used as an alternate phrase to the commonly used 'f*ck off'.
When used, this phrase creates maximum impact, and is only used by the elite.
I pinched Chris so he flicked my face and i was not happy. So i said "Oh please, just bitch off."
by Charlotteyaaaaa January 27, 2009
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'Cool dude' is a term used to define someone (in other words, a 'dude'), who possesses 'cool' personal qualities.
The term 'cool dude' can be used in the 1st person, about oneself, or used to describe another 'cool dude'.
'Yo I'm a cool dude'
'That guy's called Chris, no way is he a cool dude!'
by Charlotteyaaaaa January 10, 2009
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