A bubble created by cum and bits of shit that is farted after anal intercourse.
Daryl was having a wonderful night, until his silk panties were ruined by cookies & cream.
by Chris Hudson October 29, 2006
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One girl takes a shit on another girls tits, while a couple of men (preferably 5) proceed to jack off onto the girl's tits, often preceded by the ejaculation of the second onto the shit for added flavor.
"Hey, man. I went to Sally's the other day with Rebecca and the guys, and we did a Russian Cookies & Cream."

"That's lit, bro."
by nolan121405 September 29, 2018
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Masturbation while pooping; often onto a person.
I was thinking about Alexis while I was pooping.
So you jacked off on the toilet?
That bowl was loaded with cookies and cream.
by 3-BAG November 10, 2008
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When you cookies and cream yourself you are sexually pleased but also very afraid so you simultaneously jizz and shit your pants at the same time
Oh my god Brenda is wearing those booty shorts and carrying a strap-on, man I think I think I am cookies and creaming
by Armincreamedhispants September 25, 2015
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Phrase used in the Northern part of the United States to denote absolute approval, recognize achievement, or display copious amounts of affection for an entity.

Modern-day revival of mint.

The long, burdening, inherent length of the phrase truly shows the user's approval of what/who he/she is directing the phrase at because it rejects the laziness and ease of staccato approval words such as "cool", or, "favorite."
Sami: Look at my sloth hands! Aren't they adorable?
Jake: Sure.
Abbey: You guys are just the cookies and cream!

Abbey: I'm so cool.
Jake: The cookiest and creamiest, if I may say so myself.

Jake: What's your favorite ice cream?
Joe: Cookies and cream.
Jake: That's cookies and cream!
Joe: I know, that's what I said; cookies and cream.
Jake: Cookies and cream!
Joe: Stop it.
Jake: ....
Joe: ....
Jake: ....cookies and cream?
Joe: You're fired.
by ThatApplebeesGuy12345 February 04, 2013
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Lapping up a thick milky (Vagina Cum) some women ejaculate during cunnilingus.
Her Cookie and Cream was all over His tongue as she Orgasmed, it was a bit thick and salty
by The Exterminator February 19, 2009
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