Someone who likes take (munch) alot of bikkies,pills,especially over a short period of time. Ie a weekend, Dan had 8 pills starting on friday night and took his last on Sunday morning.
"Dan you're a total cookie monster"
by boredatwork March 14, 2007
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The most aggressive form of eating. (Verb)

1. To demolish any type of edible item in an enthusiastic and violent fashion.

2. Displaying the utmost excitement and appetite for any form of sexual activity.
"When those cookies are finished baking, I'm going to cookie monster that shit!"

"I'm so hungry, I could cookie monster a horse!"

"Dude, that chick is so hot, I want to cookie monster her ass!"

"Her pussy was so sweet, I cookie monstered it for hours."
by knight_sliver August 09, 2014
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A person who goes totaly fan-girl/boy over anything David Cook related. (Winner of American Idol 2008) They call him "Cookie" due to his last name, "Cook" and know as much information on him as a phonebook knows about phone numbers. Will stand in line for ANYTHING David Cook related for about 5 hours (starting at midnight, no less), sleeping in a tent while listening to David Cook CD's they've already purchased and eating only Cerio's in their PJ's. Often found anoying.
Person one: Do you know if Renna's at school today?

Person two: Yeah. She's been in the restroom crying for the past three periods because she couldn't get David Cook tickets.

Person one: Wow, what a CookieMonster.
by DictionarySurfer April 15, 2009
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A girl who REALLY wants it. Cookiemonsters are primitive creatures that are found mainly in regions categorized by Suburban Jewopolisness. In many cases, Cookiemonsters will act violently when they are refused it.*

There are various ways of determining whether or not a girl is in fact a Cookiemonster. One of which is by simply observing their acts. Should a girl stand in the corner, straddling a filing cabinet, she is probably a HUGE Cookiemoster.

*The fact that Cookiemonsters want it does not at all require attractive rowers to give it to them.
1: That Cookiemonster wants to crumble.

2: Don't buy those clothes, that's what a Cookiemonster would wear.

3: Don't give it to that girl, she's a big Cookiemonster.
by Gwen Olaze March 11, 2008
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A crazy easy to love person who is hallariouse and easy to get alone with xD
Wow that guy is suck a Cookiemonster
by whitneysporty9 March 11, 2011
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A man takes a cookie into his mouth, and he inserts it into a woman's vagina. He bobs his head back and forth, inserting the cookie in and out of the vagina. The woman squirts breast milk onto the cookie and vagina to act as a lubricant. Once the vagina has the aroma of a cookie the man gives the cookie to the girl, and he proceeds to go cunnilingus on the woman. As the man is performing cunnilingus the woman puts her breast milk on the cookie and eats it like an oreo with milk. This can be performed on a woman's rectum as well.
Dude, this girl at the bakery had some big ass chocolate chip cookies, and I totally went Cookie Monster on her ass.
by Kenny Cummings April 08, 2008
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Someone who gets alot of pussy.
Guy 1: Dude did you fuck that girl last night?
Guy 2: Hell yeah I did, you know how I roll.
Guy1: You are such a cookie monster man.
by Nigga Mayne December 05, 2010
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