This word is used as a description of the Greek Warrior/Thug who likes to hallucinate about cookie monsters. This Greek thug also likes to go to international bazaars and haggle with asains to get cheap ass stuff.
by cookiemonstar March 30, 2006
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Has to be the funniest guy i know, Been loving this little mister for two years, Lovable in every way possible. Best friend forever, Great at making people smile, always has something perverted to say. Picks on people, lol. Never picks up his phone. Says he'll call but never does. Nice!, If he has something to say he'll just down right say it, even if its mean and hurtful at least its the truth.
girl one: Woah! did you meet that new guy?
Girl two: Hell yeah, he was such a cookie monster!
Girl one: I know, I want him as my Best Friend<3
by elzzin ot eht j! January 08, 2010
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A gynocologist. These words are only here because "A gynocologist" is too short of a definition.
I hate it when my cookie monster puts those metal things in my cookie.
by The Cookie Monstein March 14, 2005
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A scary ass looking dyke who's liable to tear apart her fine ass lookin' girlfriend's sweet sweet candy hole.
Look at that cookie monster over there with that fine assed lookin' bitch.
by Jon P. D. August 06, 2004
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the random guy that always brings cookies to school... and makes u envy the fact he didnt offer u any
"did u se j?" "yeah and he didnt even offer me a cookie" "wat a cookie monster"
by juvi d May 23, 2006
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